Disable applications Auto- Update on Samsung Galaxy S2

I spent some time to find “Auto-update Applications” setting on my Samsung Galaxy S2 (Sii) phone before finding the answer. I thought to share these steps here to help others. I was running out of my 3G data quota due to the automatic download of applications on my smartphone.
Steps to disable auto-update of applications on Samsung or Android phones are as follows.

    1.       Go to “Google Play- Settings – Auto-update Apps”

    2.       You see the following 3 options ( Radio buttons)

1.       Do not auto-update apps – If you select this option, applications won’t be updated automatically. It will ask your confirmation before updating . I believe this is the safest option.
2.       Auto-update apps at any time. Data charges may apply – This option downloads and updates application without your confirmation on any network like 3G data or WI-Fi.
3.       Auto update apps over Wi-Fi only – This is the second best option as it will update applications only on W-FI network.

3.       Select one of the above options and go back to the main screen.
You are done :-) I believe cancelling applications Auto update instruction updated here works for Samsung Galaxy S3 also.

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