City Of Temples- Varanasi

Varanasi is one of the holiest cities in India for Hindus and one of the ancient cities in the world and it’s called as “City of Temples”. When I was visited Varanasi (also called as Kashi), I was really shocked to see how many temples are there. And every temple tells you a story and history of Hinduism.
One of the attractions at Varanasi/ Kashi is Ganga (River Gange) Arthi which is basically an offering (Pooja) to various Hindu gods (Agni, Sun (Surya), Earth (Bhudevi), Varuna (Water),Wind, and Goddess Ganges ).

Free Avanset VCE 1.2 Download

I have realized that Avanset VCE Exam Simulator 1.2 free download (including Torrent and crack) doesn’t exist after spending around 30 mins online. This link pointed me to few options but for some reason nothing worked for me. Based on comments there, I have tried following steps and it worked like a charm.

Player Proof: The Uncensored Dating Guide for Women

It is safe to say that you are sick of dating men and getting utilized, played and dumped? In the event that so you're going to figure out how to:

Player Proof: The Uncensored Dating Guide for Women· Learn about the 13 distinctive sorts of Players, the psychological distractions they'll play on you and how to handle them

Player Proof: The Uncensored Dating Guide for Women

· You will take in the three reasons why he doesn't call you in the wake of engaging in sexual relations

· You will take in the 23 warnings to keep an eye out for to know in case you're dating a Player or a man with long haul potential

· You will figure out how to immediately get rid of the washouts, pretenders, and men that will basically squander your time, and vitality

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· You will figure out how to rapidly, and effectively distinguish the sort of man you're dating, so you can choose the amount of time and vitality to give to the relationship.

· Imagine what your life will resemble once you see all the head amusements that men play?

· You figure out how to rapidly, and effectively choose which men are dependable, and which men are most certainly not

· You will figure out how to ensure your heart, so that NO man ever makes you extremely upset again!

· You will realize what it takes for you to be with the man you had always wanted

· You will figure out how to how to tell if the man has no aim of being involved with you and just needs sex

· You will figure out how to how to keep a man once you get him

· You will figure out how to how to tell if a man will undermine you.

To learn all this and more, look at Player Proof: TheUncensored Dating Guide for Women.

I am only publishing this article as one of my friends tried this and changed a lot on how she deals with guys. So thought it helps others. All the best.

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Property Valuation - Things to check before buying home

I know how painful it is to buy home, at least first time. You need to check many things and make sure that not doing any dumb mistake as it will lead to expenses which you can’t even imagine.
Before committing to real estate agent (before paying 10% property value and after 0.25% in Australia or during cooling off period), I suggest anyone to go through this list and calculate how much you need to invest after moving to the house. This calculation helps you to plan and negotiate house/ unit price better with real estate agent or vendor.

How to edit and save text file as administrator?

This article explains the steps to open and modify text files, hosts files or files with extensions .xml, .conf etc… Generally you open the file, modify and then try to save it but it prompts you to “save as” instead of saving existing file.  (Mastering Windows Server 2012 R2)
Challenge here is to open a text file as administrator and modify the file but I couldn’t find the option to open text file with “run as administrator” option. 
(For steps to unhide files and folders on Windows 7 or Windows 2008 Server refer to “How to unhide files and folders in Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server systems”)
Solution is:

Steps to copy / backup contacts from one iPhone sim to another iPhone

This is really cool article as it helps you to copy contacts from any device to any device from sim to phone vice versa. Copying contacts is a big challenge while changing phone or sim. I just found an app called NQ Contacts Sync to solve all problems with contacts. It also helps to backup phone contacts (iOS, Android, Nokia, and Blackberry) to its own cloud for free. (How to Sync or backup iPhone to laptop)

This article helps you with all following scenarios.

How to enable or insert check box in Microsoft Word

This article explains step by step procedure to enable or show the Developer tab and then inserting check box () in Microsoft word.

 (Teach Yourself VISUALLY Office 2013)

Generally we use check box on word to tick and say that task finished as below example. in other words to create checklist.

Send e-mail to Manager                              

Attend Microsoft training                           

School fee payment                                    
  ( For more Technical tips,visit this link)


My bathroom renovation- checklist to discuss with tradie and contact details

Image courtesy of Nuttakit

Recently we renovated our bathroom in our successfully and it was painful process to find right traide/ company to do the job. Sometimes it’s very hard to deal with tradies if you are not clearly documented what you discussed. Ask as many questions as possible and if possible, write all item on a paper and make tradie to sign on it to confirm, don’t’ assume anything. 

Here I am sharing my checklist I used during my bathroom renovation. This list helps to understand what to check or confirm with tradie or company to whom you intend to give job. This might not be complete list, but something to start with. I suggest discussing each item and making sure that you both are on same page. If possible, write all agreed items on quotation. Please feel free to leave comments with items I missed here for other readers benefit.

pre-purchase building inspection and Gutter Replacement Review

In this article, I would like to write my experience with pre-purchase building inspection and gutter replacement.

I recently bought a single story house in Black town Council area( Sydney West suburb) , New South Wales (Australia) and after couple of months of house purchase, realised that it got crap/ corroded gutters. Unfortunately my building inspector (Catcam Group, Abbott Road SEVEN HILLS) did not report the issue in report.  After some research I realised that it’s hard to make them responsible for this fault. As I paid for the service, I expect them to report all possible issues but it didn’t happen.

PS: I am not giving feedback about Catcum group here but I am just expressing my concern.

How to unhide files and folders in Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Server

I know most of the guys not sure how to unhide the files and folders on Windows 8 or Windows 2012 Servers. This article explains how to unhide files and folders.

For steps to unhide files and folders on Windows 7 or Windows 2008 Server refer to “How to unhide files and folders in Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server systems”