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Property Valuation - Things to check before buying home

I know how painful it is to buy home, at least first time. You need to check many things and make sure that not doing any dumb mistake as it will lead to expenses which you can’t even imagine.
Before committing to real estate agent (before paying 10% property value and after 0.25% in Australia or during cooling off period), I suggest anyone to go through this list and calculate how much you need to invest after moving to the house. This calculation helps you to plan and negotiate house/ unit price better with real estate agent or vendor.

pre-purchase building inspection and Gutter Replacement Review

In this article, I would like to write my experience with pre-purchase building inspection and gutter replacement.

I recently bought a single story house in Black town Council area( Sydney West suburb) , New South Wales (Australia) and after couple of months of house purchase, realised that it got crap/ corroded gutters. Unfortunately my building inspector (Catcam Group, Abbott Road SEVEN HILLS) did not report the issue in report.  After some research I realised that it’s hard to make them responsible for this fault. As I paid for the service, I expect them to report all possible issues but it didn’t happen.

PS: I am not giving feedback about Catcum group here but I am just expressing my concern.