How to enable or insert check box in Microsoft Word

This article explains step by step procedure to enable or show the Developer tab and then inserting check box () in Microsoft word.

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Generally we use check box on word to tick and say that task finished as below example. in other words to create checklist.

Send e-mail to Manager                              

Attend Microsoft training                           

School fee payment                                    
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Steps to show the Developer tab on Microsoft word

1.       Open the MS word

2.       Go to File and click on Options

3.       It will take to following screenshot. In Word options screen, select customize Ribbon and in the right pane check “Developer” tab and then click OK

4.       After this, you should be able to see Developer tab on word.

Steps to insert check boxes on Microsoft word

5.       After performing above steps, go to Developer tab and click on

6.       It will insert check box on your word file. If you click on check box once, it will be checked.

7.       To remove developer tab from Microsoft word, you need to follow step 1-3 and deselect “Developer” option.

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