How to uninstall iTunes from Computer or laptop

This article is continuation to my previous article How to install iTunes and Sync or backup iPhone to laptop which explains the steps to download and install iTunes to backup/Sync iPhone device.

 Un- installation steps of iTunes are as follows on Windows based systems.

-          Navigate to Start – Control panel as per following screenshot

iTunes uninstall steps

-          Then select “uninstall Program” to open list of installed programs in control panel

Windows 7 itunes uinstall process

-          Then find and select iTunes and click on “Uninstall” option.

Apple iTunes uninstall
-          Uninstall option asks you confirmation “Are you Sure you want to uninstall iTunes “, answer Yes to proceed

Apple iTunes uninstall
-          Then next screen, it will asks you one more confirmation to uninstall, click on Yes to proceed, it will uninstall iTunes from your notebook.