How to Deactivate Zoosk Account

This article explains how to delete Zoosk account from Facebook apps and Zoosk account itself. It's not safe to keep accounts in dating websites when you found right partner.I can understand why you are looking to delete Zoosk account. I never had success with online dating site. I suggest to become social for success. After closing my Zoosk account, I read and succeed with  Christopher Gray's From Shy To Social: The Shy Man's Guide to Personal & Dating Success book.

Zoosk account deletion from Facebook
Step 1: Delete Zoosk Application from your Facebook page (If you have registered to Zoosk from Facebook, or else, go to steps 2 directly)
·    -  Login to Facebook and at the left of the screen, you see menu. Navigate to Apps, select Zoosk and click on small pen symbol, and then you will see an option “Remove” App. Refer to the screenshot.
·     -  As soon as you click on Remove App, Zoosk will be deleted from your Facebook account.
Above steps can be followed to delete or De-activate any application from your Facebook account. Just select the application you want to delete and click on “Remove App”

Step 2: Deactivate Zoosk Account.
    Access this URL and you get the following screen, click on “Deactivate Zoosk Account”
Zoosk account deactivation or cancel

·      In next screen, select the reason for deactivation and again click on “Deactivate Zoosk Account”. This step deletes your Zoosk account. 

If my understanding is right on why you are deactivating your Zoosk account, hopefully this helps you Player Proof: TheUncensored Dating Guide for Women.

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