Terrorism is a threat for youngsters. What are the reasons and how can we save youth?

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Terrorism is a threat for youngsters. What are the reasons and how can we save youth?

Youth of a country are considered to be the future and building blocks of any country. Development of the country is in their hands but unfortunately now there are many youngsters who fall in the quag of bad habits and bad company which is a matter of shame for the family, community as well as the whole world.

Terrorism is one of the biggest social evils in the society which slowly and slowly eats up all the roots of the country and in future, the world. There are many factors that give rise to terrorism. Unemployment is the leading factor behind terrorism. Someone has rightly said that empty mind is devil’s workshop. In the same way, youngsters tend to fall in antisocial activities when they are sitting idle. They start using their energy in destructive way instead of being productive to mankind. Government’s bad policies and corrupt leaders cannot satisfy the public nowadays which in turn leads to chaos and riots in the community. Rapidly increasing inflation and poverty equally contributes in assisting teenagers to indulge in antisocial activities. Just like a rotten apple spoils the whole basket, in the same way peer group affects the mentality and thinking of the young generation. Lack of communication and ignorance or neglect from the family and parents also affects the psychology which makes them poor decision makers.

If there is a problem then solution is at its back. Parents can become role models for their children in helping them to choose the right path and take good decisions in life. They should spend time with their children, play with them, interact and discuss various social issues so that the immature brains can be taught good values and ethics. Government of any country plays a vital role in the progress of the nation. Government should bring up new opportunities so that the energy of the youngsters can be diverted for the productive cause. Media such as newspapers and magazines as well as Internet blogs can publish articles that inculcate a feeling of harmony and brotherhood amongst the people. Learning starts from schools, colleges and therefore they should take measures to bring awareness in the society about working cooperatively for the betterment of the society.

To sum up, I would like to say that Terrorism can be eradicated from the world only if the foundation of any country which are youngsters are made strong and confident. Their energy should be channelized towards the welfare of the nation and world.

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