How to unhide files and folders in Windows 7 or Windows 2008

I think most of the guys not sure how to unhide the files and folders on Windows 7 or Windows 2008 machines. This article explains how to unhide files and folders.

If you need steps to unhide files and folders on Windows 8 or Windows 2012 computers, refer to “How to unhide files and folders in Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Server”.

How to uninstall iTunes from Computer or laptop

This article is continuation to my previous article How to install iTunes and Sync or backup iPhone to laptop which explains the steps to download and install iTunes to backup/Sync iPhone device.

How to Sync or backup iPhone to laptop

This article explains the steps to

-          Download and install iTunes on Windows based computer

-          Backup or Sync iPhone data to Computer/ notebook/ computer. 

Fraud House keeper/ carer job opportunity

Hello guys, this is another scam e-mail I have received recently. Funny thing guy is not even mentioned what qualification he needs :-)  

You can learn more fraud e-mails and how they try to lure you here.

14 Jun

Castle End, Ruscombe,

Castle End Farm, Reading,

Berkshire, South East England,

United Kingdom.

I am Dr. Henry White, Native of Scotland. I work in Italy (Rome) for over Three months now, but my family is based in London, I will love to hire a caring male or female house keeper/manager directly who is willing to work in my house in London as a house keeper/Manager and also to manage my private firm (Buying and Selling Business). I will like you to know that I have 2 daughters 10 and 8 years old, I can afford to be paying you Ѓ’2,500 Great British Pounds Sterling's every four weeks and up keeping money every week of Ѓ’200 Great British Pounds Sterling's and this is outside your Ѓ’2,500 Great British Pounds Sterling's,. Kindly get back to me if you are interested in this offer.
Interested applicant can submit his/her CV via email (
Employment Status: Full time
Type of Remuneration: Salary plus incentives
Job Location: United Kingdom

Best Regards

Dr. Henry White

Tel: +448719152533

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Team Viewer Explained and Installation Steps

Team viewer is the easy to use software which helps to remote control or remote access of computers (PCs). Use case for the software is to connect and /or control remote computers. Generally I have seen people to use Team Viewer software to connect to others computer to troubleshoot or show something to them or to fix computer problem.
In simple words, Team Viewer software helps to control or connect remote computer at free of cost for personal use.
Other features of Team Viewer are as follows:

How to Deactivate Zoosk Account

This article explains how to delete Zoosk account from Facebook apps and Zoosk account itself. It's not safe to keep accounts in dating websites when you found right partner.I can understand why you are looking to delete Zoosk account. I never had success with online dating site. I suggest to become social for success. After closing my Zoosk account, I read and succeed with  Christopher Gray's From Shy To Social: The Shy Man's Guide to Personal & Dating Success book.

Zoosk account deletion from Facebook
Step 1: Delete Zoosk Application from your Facebook page (If you have registered to Zoosk from Facebook, or else, go to steps 2 directly)

Picky, Picky, Picky......Wife

  I just don't understand my wife. She's always nagging me to keep things around
The house fixed up.........
I replaced the broken door latch on her car. 

I replaced the broken door latch on her car.

Urgent Requirement for Girl Friend

Guys, thought to share an e-mail which I have received from my Indian friend few years ago. It’s really funny and it’s not intended to hurt anyone. It’s purely for fun. Read, enjoy and share with your mates.
Designation :  Junior girlfriend ( trainee )

Steps to install BuySellAds (BSA) code into blogger site

As most of you know, the BuySellAds (BSA) is one of the best options to monetize your website. It’s not like AdSense; it comes with fixed payout for fixed amount of days or impressions. In advertisement revenue, BSA keeps 25% of the revenue (75%-25%).

This post explains the steps to insert Buy and sell Ad (BSA) code into blogger. Hopefully these instructions helps BSA publishers community.

There are clear instructions on BSA website how to install BSA code into website but I think that is not applicable for blogger (BlogSpot) websites as I can’t find <body> tag in my blogger HTML code. I was trying to insert code from couple of days without luck and later contacted the BSA support. Even they took a day to resolve this issue.
BSA instructions to install ad code on website are as follows.

My Handsom Prince -- boy kisses girl on cheek

"My Handsom Prince" -- boy kisses girl on cheek by Beba Photography
"My Handsom Prince" -- boy kisses girl on cheek, a photo by Beba Photography on Flickr.
Wow, what a great pic to share with you guys...It's really cute..
I just found on Flickr :-)