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My bathroom renovation- checklist to discuss with tradie and contact details

Image courtesy of Nuttakit

Recently we renovated our bathroom in our successfully and it was painful process to find right traide/ company to do the job. Sometimes it’s very hard to deal with tradies if you are not clearly documented what you discussed. Ask as many questions as possible and if possible, write all item on a paper and make tradie to sign on it to confirm, don’t’ assume anything. 

Here I am sharing my checklist I used during my bathroom renovation. This list helps to understand what to check or confirm with tradie or company to whom you intend to give job. This might not be complete list, but something to start with. I suggest discussing each item and making sure that you both are on same page. If possible, write all agreed items on quotation. Please feel free to leave comments with items I missed here for other readers benefit.

pre-purchase building inspection and Gutter Replacement Review

In this article, I would like to write my experience with pre-purchase building inspection and gutter replacement.

I recently bought a single story house in Black town Council area( Sydney West suburb) , New South Wales (Australia) and after couple of months of house purchase, realised that it got crap/ corroded gutters. Unfortunately my building inspector (Catcam Group, Abbott Road SEVEN HILLS) did not report the issue in report.  After some research I realised that it’s hard to make them responsible for this fault. As I paid for the service, I expect them to report all possible issues but it didn’t happen.

PS: I am not giving feedback about Catcum group here but I am just expressing my concern.

My experience with Allianz insurance and Avis car hire in Australia

I recently used an Avis hire car due to some one’s fault i.e. he hit my car from rear (bumper) at traffic lights and end up using his Allianz insurance policy to fix the damages to my car.
Even though his insurance is covering to fix the damages it’s really painful to go to the repairer for valuation/ assessment, giving car for repair for a week time and picking/ dropping hire car. Its pain because car repairer and hire car vendor opens their offices during the standard office hours and it’s hard to get out of work place during  the office hours. I think there should be a law to cover the number of work hours insurer lose due to the accident.