pre-purchase building inspection and Gutter Replacement Review

In this article, I would like to write my experience with pre-purchase building inspection and gutter replacement.

I recently bought a single story house in Black town Council area( Sydney West suburb) , New South Wales (Australia) and after couple of months of house purchase, realised that it got crap/ corroded gutters. Unfortunately my building inspector (Catcam Group, Abbott Road SEVEN HILLS) did not report the issue in report.  After some research I realised that it’s hard to make them responsible for this fault. As I paid for the service, I expect them to report all possible issues but it didn’t happen.

PS: I am not giving feedback about Catcum group here but I am just expressing my concern.
So finally I have decided to replace gutters and called few gutter companies to provide a quote. I have received quotes from following companies with respective quote amounts. These quotes excludes down pipes as my down pipes were not in bad condition to replace. House is 80 Square meters single story.
1.       Advanced Watering services $ 1800
2.       ABC Seamless - $ 2000
3.       Becker's Roofing - $1900

Here is my review or feedback about the Advanced Watering services for replacing gutters. This feedback DOESN'T mean that other companies I mentioned above are not good, simply I didn't use them.

Out of all 3 persons I met, I felt dealing with Tim smart is easy and felt reliable. Giving job to Advanced Water Services was not purely due to low cost but also I felt they are reliable. He also agreed that he will do the job personally but later for some reason he couldn't to that. Initially I was worried how other person will do the guttering job but he did a good job.

After few weeks, I noticed some water leakage from gutters and then called Shayne ( I think he is owner of the company), he organised someone to visit and fix the problem. This is great as I hardly seen people respond to you after work finished and you paid them

Thanks guys (Advanced Watering services)

Pros: professional, easy to deal with, warranty support
Cons: sometimes delay in responding to queries and sometimes hard to contact 

This is purely my experience based on my interaction with Advanced Watering services. After gutter replacement, I dealt with Bathroom renovation and my experience and checklist for bathroom renovation updated here.

And recently I have documented a check list to go through before confirming the property or during cooling off period.

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