Team Viewer Explained and Installation Steps

Team viewer is the easy to use software which helps to remote control or remote access of computers (PCs). Use case for the software is to connect and /or control remote computers. Generally I have seen people to use Team Viewer software to connect to others computer to troubleshoot or show something to them or to fix computer problem.
In simple words, Team Viewer software helps to control or connect remote computer at free of cost for personal use.
Other features of Team Viewer are as follows:
-          Helps to access computers behind corporate firewalls and proxy servers
-          Supports full keyboard remotely
-          Transfer files in both directions
-          Supports multi monitor
-          Real-time Audio and video transmission
Team viewer is free for personal use.
Installation steps:
1.       Download Team Viewer portable version from here  . Software needs to be installed on both computers i.e. computer which needs be managed remotely and the computer which is going to use to connect other computer remotely.

Team Viewer download

2.       In next step, click on “run” to install Team Viewer software on your computer.

3.       Select “English” or language of your preference from drop down list and clock on OK

Portable Team Viewer installation

4.       Click “Next” in next step and Agree on further step.
5.       In next step, click on Install.
6.       To finalize the installation and launch Team viewer application select “Run Team Viewer portable”
7.       And click on finish

Team Viewer installation

8.       In next step, you see Team viewer launched. Make sure that “Ready to connect” in green color and provide your ID and password to your partner who would like to connect to your computer remotely.
9.       Or if you would like to connect to other computers, get their computers ID and password and click on “ Connect to Partner”