Seems there is no end to this fraud/ scam e-mails. I believe I receive these emails since my e-mail ID is more than 10 years old and it’s everywhere :-)

Again, this blog post is one of the articles which I have updated to make community aware of what are the fraud e-mails, to show how fraud e-mails looks like and what kind of details they are asks you, so that you can avoid sharing your details or sending them scanned copies of any of your documents.

 I have following reasons to think and confirm below said e-mail is scam.

Fake TCS job interview e-mail - Scam

Here is another fraud e-mail received by my Indian friend. Updating his e-mail as it is for others to be aware of. This is too much, simply asking to deposit money before he attends an interview :-)

Refer to my series of articles on scam/ fraud emails for more information on e-mail scams.

Anyway, in summary don’t entertain this kind of email if you have received one. It’s FAKE/ FRAUD.

Steps to change date and time format in Samsung galaxy/ Android smart phones

Sometimes I don’t feel comfortable to see the time in 12 hour format. I prefer to have 24 hours’ time format in my Samsung Galaxy smart phone.

This article explains the steps to change date and time format on Samsung galaxy S2/ Android smart phones.

Steps to setup automatic time zone change in Samsung Galaxy/ Android phone

Yes, this is one of cool features I like in smart phones. When I go overseas, my Android/ Samsung galaxy S2 phone time changes to respective country local time zone.

This article explains the steps to configure automatic time zone change in Samsung Galaxy S2 or android smart phones.

Fraud Charity e-mail scam

Are you kidding? :-)

Do you think  people are idiots who believes your email and respond with the details what you are asking?


This article is next in the series of articles which talks about all possible email scams for general awareness on scams.