Email scam definition with an example

As per Wiki, e-mail definition is as follows.

 I have received multiple scam( hoax) emails from various people but being enough technical, I can easily identify its authenticity and I never respond to them. Sometimes I think people/ hackers send this kind of emails because they probably getting response from innocent people.

Google Hangouts settings

This post is continuation to my post in regards to Samsung galaxy S2 (Android) firmware upgrade.

As soon as Android update completed, you will see software called “Hangouts” on your phone. After some research, I understand that it’s nothing but upgraded version of Gtalk. It will automatically log you into Hangouts/ Gtalk if you have Gmail application installed and you logged into it on your

Samsung Galaxy S2 - Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean upgrade

Recently I have updated my Samsung galaxy s2 phone firmware (operating system) to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. This is really cool, after upgrade, I see my phone performance (speed) has increased.

As part of the upgrade, it will add new features/applications and delete some of the applications.

Three Sisters in Blue Mountains

This is the ultimate pic of Three Sisters in Blue Mountains ( Near Sydney, Australia).

Disable applications Auto- Update on Samsung Galaxy S2

I spent some time to find “Auto-update Applications” setting on my Samsung Galaxy S2 (Sii) phone before finding the answer. I thought to share these steps here to help others. I was running out of my 3G data quota due to the automatic download of applications on my smartphone.
Steps to disable auto-update of applications on Samsung or Android phones are as follows.